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Automatic control of electronic items around the home is certainly a growing reality and to control your window blinds as part of the personalised smart living trend is both convenient and secure. The MotionBlinds motorised system offers the flexibility to operate them from anywhere and in a number of ways.


Smart window coverings can be set to open and close at any time you require, which means your home seems inhabited even when you are away as there is no need for a control chain or cord, motorised blind are child safe by design.

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Energy Efficiency

MotionBlinds make it possible to take full advantage of the insulating properties of window coverings and maximise energy savings. Scenarios such as the automatic closing at preset times, or as soon as the temperature hits a certain level, lead to a more energy-efficient home and a lower energy bill.


Smart window coverings move to the rhythm of your daily life, creating the perfect atmosphere at any time of the day.

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MotionBlinds Bluetooth
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Setup in a Minute

MotionBlinds Bluetooth motors can be set up and programmed in a minute by smartphone, drastically simplifying installation, automation and control of motorised blinds. MotionBlinds Bluetooth safeguards 100% privacy: it works without bridge, without registration and without any cloud dependency.

Scan, Connect, and Control

Window coverings with Bluetooth motors can be set up in a minute. Just scan the setup code through the MotionBlinds Bluetooth app. Follow a few simple steps in the app to complete setup and the blinds are ready to be controlled by smartphone. 

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Automate with Timers

Putting the blinds on autopilot is very easy by programming timers into the motor through the app. At scheduled times, blinds automatically move to their preset positions. To safeguard user privacy, all data and intelligence are strored locally on the motor, instead of relying on a cloud. 

Smart Home Connectivity

Install the MotionBlinds Wi-Fi bridge to connect blinds powered by Bluetooth motors to smart home systems such as Google, Alexa. This also allows app control from anywhere in the world.


Scan the setup code

Open the MotionBlinds Bluetooth app once your window coverings are installed. Scan the setup code with the app and follow the instructions in the app to complete the setup.


Control by smartphone

Now your window coverings can be operated with the MotionBlinds Bluetooth app. This works within a distance of up to 10 meters between the smartphone and the blind.


Automate with Timers

The MotionBlinds Bluetooth app allows you to program timers, making your window coverings open and close automatically at preset times.

Control Options

This wide range of control and connectivity options for window coverings offers the possibility to make the home a more convenient, energy efficient and a safer place.


Pull Control

Manually override remote control options with a simple pull.

Remote Control

Operate shades with the press of a button on our 1, 5 or 15 channel remote units. Or connect with a MotionBlinds bridge to your home Wi-Fi to use voice or app control.


App Control

Use the MotionBlinds app anywhere, to control your window products with a single swipe. Create room scenes e.g. cinema mode or add timers to fully automate shades and drapes in each room.

Voice Control

MotionBlinds motorised window coverings can easily be connected to home automation assistants and operated through smart speakers to control the shades and drapes.


Compatible Products & Options

Roman Blinds, Roller Blinds, Fifty50™ Day & Night Roller Shades, and Curtains can all be motorised with MotionBlinds:

  • Set the top and bottom heights

  • Fully open or fully close

  • Operate multiple blinds at once

  • Set a timer

  • Dawn and dusk operation

  • Roman Blinds: 540mm – 2800mm wide

  • Roller Blinds: 540mm – 2800mm wide

  • Fifty50 Blinds: 540mm – 2800mm wide

  • Curtains: 500mm – 4000mm wide

Mother and a Child

Child Safety

The safety of children is extremely important to us. We have taken great steps to ensure all blinds are manufactured in line with industry safety guidelines. Be aware that cords are a potential strangulation hazard.

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