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Classic and simple, a Vertical blind is the perfect solution to cover large glazing areas at a good price, whilst managing light throughout the day.

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Small but perfectly formed, our collection of Vertical blind fabrics include delicate translucent plains, intricate jacquards and light reducing dim-outs

Vertical Blinds Product Options
Vertical Blind Classic Header.jpg

Classic Header

This leaves the top of the blind uncovered with the vanes attached to a slimline aluminium rail to offer a simple, no-fuss option.

Vertical Blind Cassette Header.jpg

EVO Cassette

This cassette system gives a sleek and contemporary finish which perfectly conceals the top of the blind. It can be covered in matching fabric or is available in three metal finishes: white, silver or anthracite.

White | Silver | Anthracite

Bottom Weights

Weighted vanes ensure the hang correctly and do their job of over-lapping to cover the window and there is a choice of two options:


  • The traditional weights and chain combination where the weight slides neatly into a pocket and each vane is joined to its partner with a chain.

  • Sewn in weights without the chain are a stylish alternative for a streamlined appearance, but best used away from breezy doors or windows.

For more unusual windows, it is possible to have a Vertical blind on a curved or sloping headrail, or with different vane lengths to avoid obstructions. Maybe you could get creative with alternate coloured vanes – it is all possible with our flexible attitude to your needs!

Vertical Control Options

There are a number of ways that a Vertical blind can work for your window situation and how you control the light by turning the vanes also gives you choice.

Vertical Blind Wand Control.jpg

Wand Operation

The wand can be positioned on the left or right and is twisted to open the vanes.  Drawing back the vanes to completely uncover the window is a simple operation. This control method is inherently child safe.

Vertical Blind Chain Control.jpg

Chain Operation

The vanes are easily turned or the blind fully opened with the chain that can be manufactured on either side of the blind to best suit your access. The looped control chain is available in white plastic or nickel metal and must be secured to the wall with an approved child safety device.

Mother and a Child

Child Safety

The safety of children is extremely important to us. We have taken great steps to ensure all blinds are manufactured in line with industry safety guidelines. Be aware that cords are a potential strangulation hazard.

Find your Look

Vertical blinds – the versatile option for homes and offices

Traditionally the mainstay of all homes, because of their flexibility to suit all window styles and still be unintrusive in a decorating scheme, the Vertical blind still remains popular. When subtle neutral colours and textures are used, they complement any other window treatment, to ensure light control goes hand-in-hand with other beautiful blinds or curtains.

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