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Use our team to extend your team

Our UK based marketing team has a wealth of experience in the made-to-measure blinds & curtains industry and knows a thing or two about curating new ranges, creating amazing marketing material and managing projects from conception to launch…and beyond.

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Exclusive Fabric Designs

Having a talented team of textile designers from Ashley Wilde working in line with our team, we can create new and exciting designs that are on trend and unique.

From hand-drawn colouring techniques to computer generated graphics, there are many hand-writing styles available to suit all customers tastes and to make your collection different.

With the on-site digital printing facility at our factory, the designs can be printed directly onto the base fabric of choice and delivered straight to manufacturing. Simple and effective on all levels!

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Photography and Image Creation

Experienced in the project management and art direction of a location photo-shoot at one end of the image production scale through to studio shoots and CGI room creation, our team can handle all aspects of that all important need for photography to showcase your products.

Alternatively, illumin8 has a vast library of shots for online use to illustrate fabric swatches and how the fabric would look in a room situation – invaluable for e-commerce and social media use.

And if your preferred medium is digitalisation, these images can be included in a ‘flip-book’ for websites or emails.



Online browsing and research prior to approaching a retailer is the main activity of consumers before purchasing anything these days and their ability to find you and engage with you remotely is paramount in your success at attracting new customers.


The more you can do to be present in their browsing activity will reap benefits in your ultimate sales line and having content and imagery to support that is the key.


Investing in a partner who can support your ambitions to move with the ‘new way of buying’ is as important as having fabulous products on offer and illumin8 recognise that you may need a helping hand, which we are happy to offer you.

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Image by Markus Spiske

Offline Marketing Collateral

Whether it is a seasonal brochure, a designer look-book or a chatty newsletter, how you communicate with customers says a lot about your brand and its personality and approachability.


So, designing offline items of marketing material is still just as important as technology.


The illumin8 marketing team have an eye for design and print. They know how best to display your fabric collection and when to use imagery instead of words and vice versa.


Visionary thinking creates the best design briefs and this is something the i8 team have in abundance and are willing to share their ability to get your brand out there, to bring in customers and sales.

Retail Stores and Showroom Displays

The high street is changing and the art of shopping has taken a turn, but this doesn’t mean that consumers have stopped needing that touchy, feely experience of some products like blinds and curtains.


The traditional retailer is still required, it just needs to be inspirational and offer confidence in style choices and combinations. Beautifully laid out stores are destination buying adventures and will not be successful if they look like a storeroom instead of a showroom.


So, with all that in mind, the illumin8 team can help create galleries of product combinations and sampling techniques to attract customers in, so the conversation can begin.

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Enhance Your Website with Roman Blinds & Curtains

Join our E-Partner programme for free access to a fabulous range of plain and printed fabrics from our SIMPLY collection.


Our PROFESSIONAL product pack has 98 fabric options for immediate use on your ecommerce site and comes complete with digital roomset and swatch imagery for each one.

Whilst our EDIT pack of 78 great value weaves & textures in a palette of subtle, easy to live with colour shades, are all priced the same with product upgrade options according to your specification requirements


In addition, you will receive a comprehensive pack of sample swatches, so you can offer a customer sample service if required.


If you are interested in adding a range of Roman Blinds and Curtains to your website, without any start-up investment, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

Online Ordering

You’ve been doing this for ages with lots of brands and it’s become the normal way to place orders with most consumers these days. Do you have the technology to place your customers orders directly to the manufacturer or indeed to allow your customers to place their orders remotely too.


We pride ourselves on being technologically savvy when it comes to providing solutions to simple and easy order placements, to avoid costly mistakes and delays.


@theHub is the platform which can be skinned with your own branding and which guides staff through the order processing decisions to create the perfect product for the customer. It also calculates the price and your margins, so you know at the touch of the button, just how profitable you are being with every order.


Prefer the e-commerce route but need help and guidance to create the perfect site? Illumin8 has a proven ‘white site’ template on subscription that can be branded and populated with your chosen product categories, but can take your business to a new level without the headache of navigating new systems.


Illumin8 will smooth your way into digitalisation, which will ultimately have a positive effect on sales.

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If you have an enquiry about any of the services available through the illumin8 marketing team, please do not hesitate to complete the contact form below. Please note that there is a charge for these services.

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